Anne-Sophie Lanquetin was born in Strasbourg ( France ), where she's got her artistic training at the Arts-Décoratifs school. She also studied at the Edinburgh college of Art ( Scotland ). As an illustrator she is specialized in children's book, youth press and documentary for children. She's also a teatcher. She currently lives in Paris. intagram: aslanquetin


  • Simon&Schuster, MacElderryBook, Harcourt, Dennard, Lacey&Associates, ElementLLC Editions Gautier-Languereau, Bayard Editions et Bayard Presse, Editions Tourbillon, Editions Lito, Editions Fleurus, Fleurus Presse, Editions Play Bac, Mango jeunesse, Hachette education, Editions Gründ, Editions Salvator, Editions Rustica...


  • Selected at the Bologne Book Fair 1996


  • Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins- MacElderry Book, Ten Monkey Jamboree-MacElderryBook, Not All Princesses dress in Pink- Simon&Schuster, Le Coq Lico, Marcelin Lapin as author and illustrator- Gautier-Languereau Petites danseuses, Au Zoo, Au trot Petit poney-Editions Tourbillon, Mon ABC des Bruits- Editions Gründ, La grande histoire de Jésus, La grande Histoire de Marie, Pas si âne que cela - Editions Salvator Le Monde secret des Fourmis-Editions Rustica Mes Premiers J'aime Lire, Youpi - revues Bayard Presse ....